The Clerk to the Council

The Parish Council employs a Clerk to the Council in order to carry out its responsibilities in accordance with its regulartory obligations.  The present Clerk to the Council is Fiona Ryder, who was appointed into the post on 1st August 2018. Her overall responsibilities are as follows:

lawbookShe is the Proper Officer of the Council and as such is under a statutory duty to carry out all the functions, in particular, to serve or issue all the notifications required by law of a local authority's Proper Officer.  She is totally responsible for ensuring that the instructions of the Council in connection with its function as a Local Authority are carried out.

She advises the Council on, and assists in the formation of, overall policies to be followed in respect of the Authority's activities and, in particular, to produce all the information required for making effective decisions and to implement constructively all decisions. She is accountable to the Council for the effective management of all its resources and reports to them as and when required.

meetingnotesShe does not, except as required by law, directly or indirectly divulge or communicate any matters concerning the practice, business or affairs of the Council to any person whomsoever, save in so far as it may be necessary for the due performance of his duties and the business of the Council.

She is the Responsible Financial Officer within the meaning of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996, and is responsible for all the financial records of the Council and the careful administration of its finances.