Flood Risk Working Group

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The Flood Risk Working Group is comprised of the following Councillors:

  • Parish Cllr. Malcolm Carter
  • Parish Cllr. Natasha Inzani
  • Parish Cllr. Dominic Ventham
  • Wiltshire Cllr. Chuck Berry
Its purpose is:
To assess the resilience of the local watercourse network to flood risk and to offer support to concerned residents to alleviate or mitigate the effects of flooding through liaison with the appropriate authorities and landowners.
To inform and update the Parish Council on the status of flood risk in the village.
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In May 2020 the formative Flood Risk Working Group was asked by the Parish Council to report on the Options for Flood Risk Management in Ashton Keynes, and the measures to take to mitigate flooding risk. A report was produced and reviewed at the June 2020 Parish Council Meeting. The Parish Council voted by majority to support the options given in the report. The report can be viewed here Options for Managing Flood Risk in Ashton Keynes or by clicking on the image to the left.