Footpaths Working Group


The Footpaths and Cycleways Working Group aims to monitor and seek to improve the condition of the footpaths and cycleways in the Parish. It reports regularly on issues to the Ashton Keynes Parish Council.

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The members of the working group are

  • Beverley Low - Councillor
  • Dominic Ventham - Councillor

Its primary aims are:

  • Ensuring that the footpaths within the Parish Boundary are kept free of obstruction.
  • Ensuring that the stiles and signposts are properly maintained.
  • Liaison with landowners and/or the local authority in respect of the above.
  • Liaison with the local authority in respect of proposed footpath diversions.

In order to discharge these responsibilities we keep an inventory of each footpath within the parish which records issues that require attention. The footpaths are all walked at least once a year to ensure that our information is as up-to-date as possible, and parishioners are encouraged to report any problems that they encounter in the interim. The inventories are reviewed at each meeting and progress reported. Small jobs are undertaken by Committee members themselves, but larger ones often require assistance from the local authority, particularly in the provision of items such as signposts. We have developed good working relationships with the County Council’s specialist staff, who attend our meetings as required. Other issues are brought to our notice by the Parish Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council.

Footpaths Inventory