Gravel Extraction Application

gravel extraction site plan 480Revised planning application for mineral extractionby Earthline at Wheatleys Farm.

Application No 17/12064/WCM - Closing date for comments 14 June 2021

Over the years, the Parish Council has objected to the planning application for mineral extraction by Earthline at Wheatleys Farm, along with 470 parishioners and the local MP.

This is the 4th consultation since 2017 and in that time Earthline have done very little to address our concerns around:

● Noise, dust and pollution - affecting all the village which will last for 8 years or more.
● Flooding - the scale of the excavation is likely to increase the flooding risk - See the existing flood plain
● Ecology. It will take about 20-25 years before the damage to hedgerows and watermeadows recovers and will have immediate impact on our wildlife.
● Traffic. We’ll have HGVs every 10 minutes using the B4696
● Protecting land not yet quarried as set out in the Wiltshire CC Landscape Character Assessment report 2009.
● The overall and cumulative impact on our village of the above.

To read more about the concerns for the village, see this article in the June 2021 Village Newsletter - Gravel Extraction Objection

On the basis that village isn’t going to benefit AND will be negatively impacted by this quarry, the Parish Council is going to put in it’s objection. Again! We thought you might like to see the detail behind our objections., So we’ve outlined them on pages 16 and 17

Want to have your say?
You have until the 14 June to comment. If you objected last time and still object, you need to do again otherwise the planners will assume that your concerns have been addressed. For everyone else who wishes to comment or object to the planning application, it’s easy to do.

● Comment online at The page is difficult to find though and you might find it easier to use this shortened URL -
● By email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting application no17/12064/WCM
● By post. Development Services Wiltshire Council Monkton Park Chippenham,Wiltshire SN151ER. Again quote the application number 17/12064/WCM.

The more objections received, the greater chance there is of the application being turned down.